SHIITAKE Tincture 1oz


Lunar Logic – Mushroom Essence for Cultural Awareness

This batch of Shiitake Mushroom Essence was created under a full Moon in Leo to enhance open-mindedness, and friendship.



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Planetary influence: Jupiter

Harmonizing qualities: Shadow Work, Cultural Awareness, Seeing

Patterns of imbalance: Judgement, Unconscious Biases, Overreacting to New Situations

Shiitake Mushroom Essence is a potent elixir crafted to deepen your understanding of cultural dynamics and foster connection amidst diversity. Imbued with the essence of adaptability and empathy, Shiitake allows you to navigate cultural shocks with grace and awareness. In a world where we often find ourselves feeling like minorities or outsiders, Shiitake Mushroom Essence provides invaluable support and comfort. It empowers you to not only embrace your own cultural heritage but also to appreciate and accept the perspectives and ways of being of others.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler exploring new countries or simply navigating the complexities of everyday interactions, this essence helps you restrain judgment and criticism, fostering a spirit of openness and acceptance. Enriched with the wisdom of Shiitake mushrooms, renowned for their ability to sharpen awareness and sensitivity, this essence stirs the soul, illuminating the shadow side of collective consciousness and revealing hidden judgments within. Yet, it also offers a pathway to relaxation and acceptance, enabling you to embrace new environments and adapt to changes, both external and internal.

With each drop of Shiitake Mushroom Essence, you embark on a journey of self-discovery and cultural understanding, cultivating a deeper connection to the world around you and to the diverse tapestry of humanity. Embrace the transformative power of Shiitake and revel in the beauty of cultural diversity, one essence at a time.


Shiitake Essence serves as a guiding light, illuminating the shadows within us. It doesn’t erase our shadows; instead, it teaches us to acknowledge their presence. When our shadows remain unseen, Shiitake Essence reminds us of our inherent biases, urging us to confront rather than ignore them. By revealing our judgments and fears, it empowers us to let go and move forward on a path of growth and understanding.

What are Mushroom Essences?

Mushroom Essences are vibrational healers that work beyond the tangible physical body, guiding our synergetic potential through self-learning. They have the ability to reveal truth, illuminating long-held illusions, and patterns that do not serve us. Creatures of the underworld, Mushroom are strongly influenced by lunar forces helping us to navigate through the shadows and activating the psyche. This is soul-work and it has the potential to be both hard and profoundly beautiful.

How to use:

Mushroom Essences are intended to be used for at least one full 28-day lunar cycle.

7 drops, 3x daily as needed

  • On the tongue
  • In the bath
  • On a pillow

Additional information

Weight 0.080 kg
Dimensions 2.921 × 2.921 × 10.16 cm


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