Organic 9 Mushroom Blend Coffee (40 Servings)


Mushrooms are Infused with 100% Organic Arabica Bean Coffee.

PLUS….It’s Delicious!!


Our organic 9-Blend Mushroom coffee is a unique and trendy beverage that combines coffee with various types of medicinal mushrooms infused with 100% organic arabica bean coffee. Our blend is of the highest quality.

Ingredients & Potential Health Benefits Include:

Chaga: Lowering Cholesterol Levels, Slowing Cancer Growth, Supporting Immune Function, Reducing Blood Pressure, Loaded with Anti-inflammatory Compounds

Lion’s Mane: Protects Against Dementia, Relieves Symptoms of Depression, Quickens Nerve Cell Recovery, Protects Against Stomach Ulcers, Reduces Inflammation, Supports the Immune System

Maitake: Manage Diabetes, Lower High Cholesterol Levels, Reduce High Blood Pressure, Boost the Immune System, Anti-Cancer Properties

Shiitake: Boosting the Immune System, Lowering Blood Cholesterol Levels, Treating Prostate Cancer, Anti-Aging Agent, High Antioxidant Properties

Cordyceps: Improve Immunity by Stimulating Cells & Specific Chemicals in the Immune System, Help Fight Cancer Cells & Shrink Tumor Size, Increased Exercise Performance

Turkey tail: Boosted Immunity, Improved Cognitive Function, Increased Exercise Performance, Improved Gut health, Reduced Inflammation, Lower Blood Sugar with Type 2 diabetes

Agaricus Blazei Murril: Fight Physical & Emotional Stress, Stimulate Immune System, Improve the Quality of Life in Diabetics, Reduce Cholesterol, Prevent Osteoporosis & Peptic Ulcer, Treat Circulatory & Digestive Problems

King’s Trumpet: Boost the Immune System, Reduce Inflammation, Additionally, Good Source of Niacin, Vitamin B that Supports Brain Function & Protects Against Age-Related Cognitive Decline

Reishi: Support the Immune System, Reduce Inflammation, Promote Relaxation, Improve Sleep, Manage Stress & Anxiety

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