About Us

Who is Know; Body Botanicals & Apothecary LLC? It’s not only a husband & wife owned alternative health & wellness business located at 41 S 4th Street in Hamburg, PA but it’s a home away from home. It’s a place that cares and wants to help people help themselves to live a happier & healthier lifestyle. It’s where you can find products & services to heal, from the inside out. Who were we? We are Ismael & Amelia Rivera we reside locally in Edenburg, Amelia is a graduate of Hamburg Area High school & a Military Veteran of the USMC. Ismael was originally from Reading & is the former President of Pennsylvania Smoke Free Association.

Where did we come from? We have been in the same location for over 9 yrs. We are the same owners of the previous company in our location, Sabor Vapors LLC, that was unfortunately closed permanently due to federal industry regulations. Sabor Vapors LLC operated successfully for over 9 yrs. because of our transparency, the quality of the products we offered & the relationships we built with our customers & community. Closing that business was one of the most difficult decisions we have ever made but we knew that it was not only out of our control, but it would allow us to grow & share other healthy alternatives with our customers in the future.

We launched our reopening shortly following July 4th, 2023. We didn’t reinvent ourselves because Know; Body Botanicals & Apothecary was already born in our hearts & minds, we simply evolved or transmuted into the next phase of life. Know; Body Botanicals & Apothecary has multiple meanings, one is that we simply need to know more about our bodies, know more about all plants & know about how we can use these plants to heal us & give us the benefits & nutrients they were originally intended for. Another meaning is to understand that we are all born as nobodies & it is up to us to decide on who it is that we want to be, every day is a chance to start over & do what brings us joy & happiness. We are only limited by our own potential…

Starting a new business is always difficult if it’s done right but we are a great team. We love what we do, we love building relationships with our customers who over time have become some of our closest friends & family. We offer products & services such as natural plant medicine, oils, hemp, crystals, candles, clean foods, self-care, yoga, energy work sessions and much more! We manufacture over 100 of our own products using natural locally sourced or certified organic raw ingredients. We also grow a variety of different plants to sell in store or to use as raw ingredients both current & products yet to come.

Our website is scheduled to relaunch in November just in time for the holidays when people need healthier alternatives for stress relief & relaxation most! We have always been passionate about helping people, that will never change. We are also passionate about learning & growing ourselves. We look forward to what this next chapter will have to offer & are so grateful for the support of our loyal customers, friends, family & community through it all. A Grand Re-Opening is in the works & we hope to see you all there!