Ego/510 USB Wire Charger


Because this is a USB charger, you’re able to easily charge your battery in places such as your home, office, or car. You’ll know your charger is functioning properly when you see the LED Light Indicator illuminate. As with any charger, please use with caution.

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The eGo Style 510 Battery Charger is a quick and efficient way to charge any variant of the eGo threaded pen-style batteries. With a USB connection affixed to one end and a threaded eGo style connection system on the opposite end. Making this eGo 510 Battery USB Charger ideal to charge most 510 threaded pen-style batteries with ease and confidence.

USB Charger Features:

510 Threading
Over-charge protection
Pocket sized

CAUTION: Please use a power source with an output less than 1A

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Additional information

Weight .015 kg
Dimensions 2.54 × .635 × 1.27 cm


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